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Cobbett Hill Earth Station provides satellite uplink, downlink and turnaround services using their UK teleport with C-band, KU-band and Ka-band antennae in operation. As an independent operator, Cobbett Hill offers global satellite distribution services via advanced digital media platforms. Cobbett Hill specialises in direct to home (DTH), Occasional Use, IPTV services and provide customised broadcast solutions. By taking an independent approach, Cobbett Hill designs bespoke technical and commercial solutions to accommodate client requests. Cobbett Hill are experts in the management and distribution of audio, video and data signals via satellite.   



Cobbett Hill Digital TV Uplink Services take your broadcast-ready content and channels and comprehensively encode them using the most recent MPEG compression technologies, including optimised provisioning of bandwidth capacity on the chosen satellite and selection of the best satellite footprint for the clients needs.

Whether SD or HD, the Cobbett Hill  high-end infrastructure enables their clients to air your television channels via satellite for a competitive price at the highest quality using variable bandwidths adjusted to the clients requirements.

For peace of mind, all Cobbett Hill systems are fully redundant in order guarantee very high availability and stability and additionally Cobbett Hill monitor the full broadcast chain via their fully manned 24/7 Network Operation Centre (NOC).

Cobbett Hill Broadcast Services include:

  • Standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD)
  • Full playout systems for satellite broadcast 
  • Video contribution links with downlink to fibre or to partner teleports
  • End-to-end solution for broadcast TV and VoD services over IP
  • Teleport services, with performance monitoring applications


CH iills able to provide comprehensive solutions for IPTV Uplink, Downlink and Turnaround services.

Many years of experience in this sector has allowed CHE to closely track the technological improvments and huge growth in this market. Cobbett Hill's experience and knowledge allows them to offer their clients a truly bespoke solution for their IPTV needs and meet their operational requirements. Cobbett Hill Video-Backhaul is hugely attractive to TV broadcasters who want to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of IP video transport yet still retain the highest possible video quality for SD/HD backhaul.

The Cobbett Hill solution is designed for real-time backhaul of professional video over IP networks and delivers broadcast-quality video at standard definition and high definition over the internet or any public/private data networks. Vast experience in this field results in Cobbett Hill confidently providing solutions where the video signals are protected from severe network impairments, such as delay, jitter, packet loss and ultimately ensuring the streams preserve their broadcast-quality video.

The Cobbett Hill wide area infrastructure enables broadcasters to transmit high-quality point to point, multipoint and multiplexed video around the globe.


Cobbett Hill offers turnaround services for the channels that are distributed on multiple other satellites.

If your TV channel is already carried on a satellite that can be received at our Teleport,  and you wish to relay it to any alternative satellites or to the internet, the infrastructure of our ground-based operations offers you the service as required.

The turnaround and contribution service employs Cobbett Hill global infrastructure (satellite and terrestrial) to transport video from the channel broadcaster studio/office to the Cobbett Hill TV uplink station for onward distribution to DTH.

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